Research Notes - Internet History

Alex McKenzie: Collection of Computer Networking Development Records

  • written between 1972-1979

  • see Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) collections

  • Links: CBI with identifier 123 ┃ McKenzie Collection ┃ skb: src

Richard Bennett: Designed for Change: End-to-End Arguments, Internet Innovation, and the Net Neutrality Debate, 2009

  • Reasons to read: technical history of the Internet (including CYCLADES), reference for 1986 Internet crash, discussions on current Internet affairs (including RINA)

  • Publisher: Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, ITIF, Washington DC

  • Links: ITIFPDF: talk ┃ skb: src

Alex McKenzie: INWG and the Conception of the Internet: An Eyewitness Account, 2011

  • Reasons to read: INWG history

  • Publisher: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (Volume: 33, Issue: 1, Jan. 2011)

  • Links: DOIonlinePDF ┃ skb: src

Andrew L. Russell: OSI: The Internet That Wasn’t, 2013

  • Reasons to read: OSI standardization history

  • Publisher: IEEE Spectrum (Volume: 50, Issue: 8, August 2013)

  • Links: DOIonline ┃ skb: src

Andrew L. Russell: Open Standards and the Digital Age: History, Ideology, and Networks, 2014

  • Reasons to read: history of networks and network standards

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

  • Links: GoodreadGoogle Books ┃ skb: src

Andrew L. Russell et al.: In the Shadow of the ARPANET and Internet: Louis Pouzin and the Cyclades Network in the 1970s, 2014

  • Authors: Andrew L. Russell, Valérie Schafer

  • Reasons to read: Pouzin and CYCLADES in the historic context of ARPANET and Internet

  • Publisher: Technology and Culture, Johns Hopkins University Press, Volume 55, Number 4, October 2014

  • Links: DOIPDF ┃ skb: src

John Day: The Clamor Outside as INWG Debated: Economic War Comes to Networking, 2016

  • Reasons to read: INWG history

  • Publisher: IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (Volume: 38, Issue: 3, July-Sept. 2016)

  • Links: DOIPDF ┃ skb: src