Research Library

I do maintain my own research library. Essentially published (and some not formally published) items. The library is part of my SKB project on Github. I host the compiled version on GH pages. There are two main compilations: the complete library and my own publications. Everything else is grouped mainly by BibLaTeX entry types. The GH pages files are self-contained HTML documents.

Main Groups

Complete library All items I have in my library, frequently updated when I add items or fix errors. GH pages
My own publications Complete set of my own publications, using the same source files as the experience part of thus site. GH pages

BibLaTeX Entry Typess

Articles (journal) articles GH pages
Book books, sorted by century and decade GH pages
Collection collections, similar to proceedings, books with chapters written by different authors GH pages
in Book book chapters that can be attributed to individual authors, like chapters of a collection or proceeding GH pages
in Proceedings chapters (or sections) of a proceeding, i.e. conference papers GH pages
Misc items that do not fit into any other category GH pages
Movie movies, films GH pages
Online publications that are made online, such as websites or online manuals GH pages
Patent simply patents GH pages
Proceedings proceedings (as an alias for collection), usually the proceeding of a conference GH pages
Report a technical report, or a project report GH pages
Standard standards and other publications by a Standard Defining Organisation (SDO) GH pages
Talks talks as an uber-category for keynotes, tutorials, lecture notes, invited talks, presentations GH pages
Thesis an M.Sc. thesis, Diploamarbeit, Ph.D. thesis, Doktorarbeit, Habilitation GH pages
Unpublished an item that is not formally published (or not published at all) GH pages