Projects: FOKUS

FP5: AlbatrOSS

AlbatrOSS Architecture for Location-based Application of Third Generation Operation Support System EU Framework 5 STReP
Links: Start: 2002-03-01, End: 2004-02-29 Budget: €5.7M, EU contribution: €3.1M
The successful rollout and delivery of innovative personalised mobile services is creating new demands on management that traditional Operational Support Systems (OSSs) cannot meet. The AlbatrOSS project has addressed this challenge by designing an architecture for a personalised mobile services environment as well as developing OSS components for this environment and evaluating them in a series of innovative trial systems .
The primary goals of the AlbatrOSS project were to investigate the emerging requirements for Third Generation Operation Support Systems (3GOSSs), to use the identified requirements to define an architecture and associated framework, and to develop and trial a set of components that deliver a subset of these 3GOSS functionalities.
Partners: WIT/TSSG (Ireland, Coordinator), ATOS Origin (France), FhG FOKUS (Germany), Lake (Ireland), Lucent (The Netherlands), T-Systems (Germany), TID (Spain), UHC (Denmark)
Role: Proposal (contributor), WP3 leader (2002)


TEN-A Trans-European Network Academy EU eTEN
Links: Start: 2002-06, End: 2004-02
The TEN-A project is a cooperation of several leading educational institutions and technology companies throughout Europe, funded by the European Community. TEN-A itself is an online world-class brokerage and delivery service, linking educators and trainers for the exchange and distribution of learning resources. This online "broker" can be described as an entity that offers an attractive electronic marketplace, where offer can meet demand.

Brokerage services have two types of users: those who offer their products for sale (providers) and those who buy the products offered (consumers). TEN-A facilitates the exchange of Learning Resources between organisations whose members are registered users of the services. The organisations may be universities, business schools, public and private training institutes or companies, while the individuals using the service are teaches, researchers or training managers.
Partners: AllWeb (Greece), BIT (Austria), NETUNO (Italy), FhG FOKUS (Germany), HEC (France), IMC (Germany), Infonova (Austria), NCSR (Greece), OTE (Greece), WUW (Austria)
Role: Researcher, WP leader (2002)